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Roof repairs, inspections, and emergency servics from storm, wind, and ice damage

Repairs & Emergency Services

Need a roof repair?  From fixing small roof leaks to large roof-related homeowners  insurance claims we can repair your roof.

Nothing can ruin your day - or your home - faster than a leaking roof.  That's why rapid quality roof repairs and roof maintenance is important.  Custom Quality Contractors, Inc. has years of experience repairing everything from the simple roof leak, to homeowners insurance claims and larger repairs after catastrophic events causing roof damage.

Our experts in roof repair can inspect your roof for damage and provide a knowledgeable assessment of repair methods and options need to fix your roof.

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Note: This is an Actual Radar Loop of CNY courtesy of NOAA.
"SEPTEMBER 7, 1998 DERECHOS  Just before midnight on Sunday evening September 6, 1998, a derecho formed over western New York and moved rapidly east during the early morning of Labor Day (September 7th), reaching the New England coast by 6 AM EDT. Wind damage occurred in much of the area outlined in green in Fig. 1. Some of the worst storm damage occurred in a band across western and central New York, from Rochester to Syracuse and near Utica. The derecho storm system reached the Syracuse area ("S" on Fig. 1) just after 1 AM EDT. Three people were killed and 10 were injured in Syracuse, mostly at the New York State Fairgrounds. Measured wind gusts of 89 mph at the Rochester Airport and 77 mph at the Syracuse airport were recorded. Winds were estimated to have reached 115 mph in the most seriously-damaged areas. Along the derecho path, tens of thousands of trees were blown down and over 1000 homes and businesses were damaged. Damage was estimated at about 130 million dollars. Hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost power, with some remaining without power for a week."

Maintenance & Roof Leak Repairs

Don't let a small roof leak now turn into a major headache later.  Our experts can quickly pinpoint problem areas and take corrective action to properly fix your roof, before roof failure occurs.  Routine maintenance is important.   However, here are just a few warning signs that may indicate larger problems are ahead requiring repair of your roof.

Flashing at chimneys, walls, and valleys
cost of roof repair syracuse 13201Aging or damaged flashing and sealant is a leading cause of a leaking roof.  Among the most notorious areas are at chimneys, anywhere the roof abuts a wall, and in locations where the roof changes pitch and/or direction.  But it can happen anywhere.  Once flashing fails, in any location, water will seep beneath the shingle, saturating the roof decking causing decay and mold/mildew growth... And, yes, water has to go somewhere.  Eventually the water find its way into living spaces, saturating the wood framing of the house, causing drywall damage, encouraging the growth of black mold and mildew along it's way.

In less than one year a small leak will grow exponentially, especially if the roof is not fixed prior to winter.  Once even a few drops of water get underneath roof flashing or damaged roofing shingle, and freezes into ice, the ice acts as a wedge which literally pries the layers of the roofing material apart causing significant damage to your roof.  When the ice melts, it leaves behind a larger hole in the roof for water to enter, which freezes, melts, leaving an even larger hole, and so on.  Ice and ice dams are a significant source of roof leaks necessitating roof repairs.

Condensation in skylights.
we can fix your roof in syracuse, clay, cicero, liverpool, camillus, marcellus and surrounding areas in central new yorkDoes your skylight look like this?  This isn't just a little condensation.  The seal has failed in this skylight.  The unit is in need of replacement.

The particular skylight shown here has reached an advanced stage of failure.  It usually happens subtly and over time.  Take note of any condensation you see forming in you skylights.